Stylus Profiler

(combined FT-IR microscope & spectrometer)
  • Manufacturer: Bruker
  • Model: Dektak XT-A Surface Profiler

General Description:

The Dektak XT surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool. In addition, the Dektakt XT allows characterizing surface topography, waviness and roughness of the samples in the nanometer range. The system can also produce three-dimensional measurements and analyses with 3D mapping.

Key Specifications:


  • Vertical resolution 1 Å (digital resolution @ 6.55 μm range)
  • Step height repeatability 5 Å, 1 sigma on steps ≤ 1 μm (30 scans using a 12.5 μm stylus)
  • Vertical range 1 mm
  • Motorized X/Y stage with 6inches of travel, motorized 360 degree rotation
  • Stitching for up to 200 mm scans
  • 3D map collection and extensive data analysis
  • Max. Sample Thickness 50 mm (Max. Wafer Size 200 mm (8 inch)


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


Cleanroom C7

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Responsibles / Contact


Dr. Adrien Piot / Dr. Ali Roshanghias Tel.:+43 4242 56300 264
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