• Manufacturer: Bruker
  • Model: Hysitron TI Premier

General Description:

The Nanoindenter is an instrument for delivering quantitative nanomechanical properties of different materials from metals to biological tissues. It is often used for determining the hardness and Young`s modulus of thin films. Additionally, it also has the features of topological imaging, nanoscratch tests and nanowear tests. The instrument can be equipped with a high temperature stage if mechanical properties and deformation behaviour as a function of temperature are of interest.

Key Specifications:

  • Nanoindentation load and displacement range: 75 nN to 10 mN and 0.2 nm to 0.5 µm.
  • Topological scan volume: >60 μm x 60 μm x 4 μm.
  • High temperature stage: the sample can be heated up to 400 °C.
  • Quasi-static and dynamic continuous measurements.
  • Mapping of modulus and hardness distribution across a surface.
  • Quantifying scratch resistance, thin film adhesion and friction coefficient measurements.


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