Manual Wire Bonder

  • Manufacturer: Kulike & Soffa
  • Model: K&S 4526

General Description:

With the manual wire bonder, contacts can be established between chip bond pads and adjacent contact pads, e.g. from a housing in which the chip has been placed or from a printed circuit board on which the chip has been fixed onto. The machine can be equipped with different bonding wires like aluminum, gold or platinum.

Key Specifications:

  • Default bonding wire: 25μm Aluminum
  • Bondhead linear Z travel: 60mm
  • Manipulator in X and Y: 18x18mm
  • Various mounting options for sample holder. Usually with mechanical clamping or vacuum
  • Substrate Size: up to 4 inch
  • Heated chuck allows for bonding procedures at elevated temperatures


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


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Responsibles / Contact

Dr. Jochen Bardong / Dr. Ali Roshanghias
Tel.:+43 4242 56300 209 / 256