With our video series we want to give you insights into our competences, accompany our scientists and introduce you to our superwomen in science. Find out what motivates our employees and why they enjoy working at SAL, which innovative projects we are working on and how we want to unfold the future along the entire EBS value chain.


SAL wishes you all a merry christmas!

As 2019 comes to an end, we want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for following our news and being part of the growing SAL family. We are very excited for 2020. Let's unfold the future together!

Superwomen in Science: Mirjana Videnovic-Misic

Mirjana Videnovic-Misic is a staff scientist in RF Systems, where she works on RF circuit design and mmWave . She is a researcher, a mother and one of our superwomen in science – and she has great advice for women who want to pursue a career in research.

SAL Linz: RF & Embedded AI

At SAL Linz, we work on Radio Frequency technologies and Embedded Artificial Intelligence. What makes this team unique is the diversity in terms of experience, nationality and gender. With creating new technologies, we tackle challenges such as global warming - and unfold a better future.

A Day with ... Alex Connaughton

Meet Alex Connaughton, our Power Electronics scientist of the rock world. He works on topics that shape humanity - always with a hint of that British humor. We accompanied him on a typical work day.

Superwomen in Science: Isabella Hinterleitner

One of our senior researchers, Isabella Hinterleitner, is working in machine learning. In the first video for our new "superwomen in science"-series, she tells us what the future of machine learning holds and what working at SAL is like.

SAL & CTR merge into one research center

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) and Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) are now one research center! On June 25, the merger agreement between SAL and CTR was presented to the press during a press conference, which was followed by a public expert talk about the future of SAL and its impact for Carinthia and Austria.