Design Optimization and Characterization of a PZT MEMS Micromirror for High Resolution Displays

Dr. Adrien Piot
SAL Villach
High Tech Campus Villach
Europastraße 12
9524 Villach, Austria

Abstract: Micromirrors can be used in many fields including light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems for the automotive industry or biology for endoscopic bioimaging. Compared to well-established electrostatic and magnetic micromirrors, piezoelectric micromirrors can offer better electric power efficiency and better miniaturization abilities. In this work, we optimized a piezoelectrically actuated silicon based 1D MEMS micromirror for high resolution displays. Our design relies on previous devices from the literature and is specifically optimized to improve its efficiency while reducing mirror deformation.

Currently, characterizations of the fabricated devices is being performed at SAL: a dedicated optical characterization bench has been designed and implemented in-house.