Wireless security & safety classifier environment

Partner Call open until: June 15th, 2020

Start (of the project): Q2 2020


We explore concepts to develop a testing framework that is capable to identify, Verify and Validate (V&V) system under test of in-vehicle wireless components in order to facilitate cyber-security testing.

The goal is to study and develop concepts to enable a continuous Verification & Validation of the system under test from the perspective of security and safety. The focus is on automotive industry with a high potential for expansion in other areas as well.

The main challenges and topics of investigation are:

  • Security and safety in wireless networks.
  • Innovative environment classifier and continuous monitoring in the security and safety domain.
  • Experimental verification and validation.

Expected results

  • Development of concepts for deep inspection checks in security and domain.
  • Testing, verification and validation under real test conditions
  • Continuous monitoring and detection of any changes in system under test.