Wafer Conditioning for Controlled Surface Roughness Distribution

Partner Call open until: end of July 2020

Start (of the project): Q3 2020


The goal of the project is to develop a reliable process for controlled surface roughness modification on silicon wafers. The target is to be able to actively control the distribution of the pits on top of the silicon wafers so that homogeneous and patterned distribution is possible.

One of the project objectives is to perform a comprehensive research on the available technologies which have the potential to answer today’s challenge for creating actively controlled processes for controlled surface roughness modification on silicon wafers. The focus will be placed on state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies which could offer realization of various 2D (and 2.5D) structures on silicon wafers with high (nano) resolutions, fast and simple processes and high degree of parameter flexibility. Another segment of the project are the experimental activities, where several promising technological concepts will be experimentally evaluated and analyzed. The project output will be a Design of Experiments (DoE) where technologies and processes will be compared and assessed.

Expected results

  • Concept assessment and technology selection
  • Consolidation of the process parameters for controlled surface roughness modification
  • DoE with technology comparison and assessment