Partner Call open until: May 21, 2021

Start of the project: Q3 2021


The project aims at knowledge building and identification of suitable workflows and methods for component to system models comprising multi-physics and model order reduction based on two concrete use cases.

The objective of this seed project is to prepare the ground for a larger project that will create a multi-physics simulation workflow ideally suited for EBS. We expect to improve the different simulation aspects of the EBS ecosystem in Austria. In this seed project we aim at gathering extensive knowledge about:

  • System Simulation Workflows and Tools
  • Exchange formats e.g. FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface) and FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit)
  • Model Order Reduction (MOR) methods applicable for EBS
  • Potential EBS System Modelling Workflow
  • Needs  from partners in the EBS value chain in the domain of system modelling


The main challenges and topics of investigation will be:

  • Is system modelling, as envisioned in this project, feasible?
  • Existing multiphysics simulation tools lack EBS interfaces e.g. with Spice, SALamander
  • Find usable interfaces and workflows for system modelling in an highly segmented tool environment
  • Unclear exchange of automated Model Order Reduction methods in other simulation environments (e.g from Ansys to other tools)

Expected Results

  • Clearer picture on SoA in System Modelling of EBS
  • Usecase definition in terms of system modelling objectives for LiDAR and On-board Charger together with industry
  • Assessment of Model Order Reduction methods to bridge the FEM Level to higher levels of system model hierarchy
  • Technological pathfinding towards Multidomain Models