Safe, wireless time-sensitive networks for time and mission-critical communication in industry applications

Partner Call open until: End of January 2020

Start (of the project): Q4 2019


We explore concepts to replace wired networks for the communication of time- and security-critical messages by wireless connections in industrial applications.

The goal is to study and develop concepts to enable the transmission of time- and safety-critical messages based on wireless networks rather than wired networks. The focus is on industrial applications and the resulting requirements in terms of latency, availability, robustness and safety.


Important  challenges and research issues in this context are:

  • Compliance with critical real-time requirements in industrial applications
  • High availability of communication links despite the time-variant and usually dispersive behavior of a wireless communication channel
  • Scalability of the network concept with many nodes
  • Integration and consideration of general security concepts in the network design

Expected results

  • Optimization of communication concepts with regard to latency requirements
  • Development of concepts to secure communication links against the uncertainties of a wireless communication channel
  • Development of a demonstrator for the verification of the developed concepts under real test conditions
  • Possibility of reducing the installation and maintenance effort of industrial plants due to a reduction of cabling