RF Frontend Heterogeneous Integration

Partner Call open until: 31/10/2019

Start (of the project): Q4 2019

Development of integrated circuits for massive MIMO front-end modules in the mm-Wave frequency range, as well as their heterogeneous integration into new packaging technologies. The main challenges and research topics are:

  • Co-design and optimization of RF Integrated Circuits (RFIC) together with discrete passive elements (filters, switches, duplexers) and new packaging technologies (SiP, eWLP, chip-embedding)
  • New transmitters and power amplifier concepts for mm-Wave, Massive-MIMO Frontends
  • Increasing the efficiency of massive MIMO power amplifiers
  • New receiver concepts for broadband RF signals
  • Methods for digital correction and optimization of transmitter and receiver modules (e.g. self-interference cancellation, digital pre-distortion)

Expected results

  • Demonstrator of a fully integrated mm-Wave massive MIMO transceiver module
  • Efficient, integrated power amplifier for use in MIMO antenna arrays
  • Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) and sub-sampling receiver solutions for flexible channel monitoring and sensing receiver applications in MIMO transmitter arrays