Pre-Estimation of radiated electromagnetic interference (Emi) of Electronic Based Systems

Partner Call open until: June 2020

Start (of the project): Q3 2020


Development of novel methods for modeling, simulation and measurement of radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) of Electronic Based Systems (EBS).

Electronic Systems are currently developed by using computer simulations. However, physical prototypes are still predominantly necessary for verifying electromagnetic radiation in the end product because the available simulation models for electric components are largely unsuitable for predicting electromagnetic couplings. There is no holistic simulation approach to describe the electromagnetic compatibility of complete electronic systems as their complexity cannot be handled. 

With this project, we want to establish new ways to solve this problem. We want to revolutionize current methods in modeling, simulation and measurement. Our partners will get the tools to accelerate the development of new technologies and face future challenges. 

Expected results

  • Paradigm shift in the development of EBS through the possibility of predicting electromagnetic radiation through simulation
  • Finding methods for generating EMC-compatible simulation models of electronic components for use in 3D field simulation as well as wire-guided circuit simulation
  • Development of a co-simulation environment for conducted and radiated electromagnetic emissions from complex EBS by targeted reduction of the complexity of the models.
  • Verification of the simulation models by comparison with measurements.