Pre-Estimation of electromagnetic interference of electronic based systems (PREMI)

Partner Call open until: 03/2021

Start (of the project): Q2 2021


Development of novel and optimized methods for modeling and simulation of electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic based systems (EBS).

Currently, physical prototypes are necessary for pre-qualification of electromagnetic interference (EMI) of electronic based systems (EBS). Although it is state of the art to design specific circuit blocks based on simulation, there is no holistic concept to predict EMI of complete systems, i.e. an equipped printed circuit board (PCB) with attached devices, as the complexity of electromagnetic interaction cannot be handled with current approaches.

Silicon Austria Labs and its partners want to establish beyond state-of-the art methods in modeling, simulation and measurement of electronic components and systems to target future applications and overcome tomorrow‘s challenges. The target application is a H-Bridge with attached wireless power transfer system (WPT).

The main challenges and topics of this research project are:

  • Modeling of all active and passive components of the system, including high power transistors
  • Modeling of PCB and EMI measurement setup
  • Simulation of complete H-bridge driver board with attached WPT system and comparison to measurement

Expected results

  • Identify the bottlenecks in EMI simulations of EBS and show how to overcome them.
  • Benchmarking of different simulation tools
  • Develop optimized procedures for EMI simulation with least effort.