Partner Call open until: 07.04.2021

Project Start: 01.05.2021


In this project, sending and receiving data through the metal wall by means of the acoustic wave is investigated.

The transponder circuit sends the acquired data like pressure data from inside the metal chamber to the outside of the metal chamber by use of the attached piezo ceramic on the metal wall. In the reader circuit, another piezo ceramic is applied to get the data transmitted through the metal wall. Additionally, the required supply voltage for the transponder circuits is achieved through the energy harvesting method from piezo ceramic used also for data transmission.   

The main goals of the project:

  • Data transmission by means of acoustic wave through the metal wall while the other wireless communication methods such as electromagnetic wave is not functional either. 
  • Energy harvesting for acquiring the required supply voltage for the transponder circuit.
  • Detachable reader piezo to be able move around the surface of the metal wall
  • Miniaturizing the transponder circuit based on the state of the arts in miniaturization of the system on chip.
  • Extending bandwidth of transition band to cover the various channels with different center frequencies.
  • Reducing the ripples in transition band to get a flat transition band width.

Expected results

  • Acoustic channel unlocking communication through metal walls
  • Increased know-How in acoustic impedance matching, electronics and piezo transducers
  • Attaching bare dies on the Piezoelectric wafer by application of the state-of-the-art machines
  • Wire-bonding on the bare die and top electrode of the PZT
  • Dissemination of scientific results: patent applications, participation to conferences, scientific papers
  • PZT grinding and laser cutting to be flexible to be used in different applications
  • Wrapping-around property of PZT
  • Energy-harvesting and band width extending