PCB integrated current sensor

Partner Call open until: End of May, 2020

Start (of the project): Q2 2020


The increasing number of electric drive systems requires not only precise control electronics but also increasingly accurate and cost-effective solutions for current measurement.

Currently, high currents are mainly determined with Hall sensors or current transducers. While the integrated sensors often do not have sufficient accuracy or several elements are necessary for scattering field compensation,  current transducers have high costs. By developing a sensor element that can be integrated directly into the circuit carrier during the PCB manufacturing process, costs can be reduced, the number of sensor elements can be reduced by a clever structural design and the power loss due to more compact dimensions can be reduced.

Expected results

  • Design of a sensor element that is as cost-effective as possible for direct implementation in the circuit board with standard circuit board technology
  • Prototyping, validation and verification of the sensor element compared to standard semiconductor components
  • Test-wise implementation and validation in a high current application