Partner Call open until: December 3, 2021

Start of the project: Q4 2021


The aim of this project is the development and integration of an innovative low-cost nanosecond laser setup for medical technology applications.

The project team has set itself the goal of adapting the technology of a radially diode-pumped, miniaturized nanosecond solid-state laser that has already been successfully implemented in other applications (e.g. ignition of rocket engines, analytical devices, etc.) for a medical technology application and demonstrating its feasibility on the basis of specific industrial requirements. The following research activities are carried out:

  • Optical and thermal simulations of the pump diode geometry and coupling into the laser rod
  • Mechanical, thermal, and optical dimensioning of the pump diodes
  • Simulation / calculation of the optical gain profile in the laser rod
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable laser components
  • Development of test configurations in the laboratory

Expected Result

Optimized pump geometry for a miniaturized nanosecond solid-state laser for a medical application