Partner Call open until: December 31, 2022

Start of the project: Q1 2023


To create an intelligent environment analysis platform for precision measurements of features mainly using (but not restricted to) vision sensors in combination with state-of-the-art advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques.

The Research Unit Embedded AI would like to start a project to demonstrate the possibilities of advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques, including the use of vision sensors.

The main objective is to create an intelligent system that can analyze parts or objects with high accuracy and determine quality characteristics. 

The main challenges and topics of investigation are:

  • Optimal configurations of sensors and machine learning models
  • Determination of physical elements and extraction of key relevant features 
  • Modeling of anomalies 
  • Enhanced feature extraction through combination of signal processing and machine learning 

Expected Results

  • Develop experimental setups for testing and data collection
  • Generate models of physical processes
  • Produce algorithms to obtain key features, to classify and detect anomalies

Member Area