EOS - SAL beyond 100GHz

Partner Call open until: November 19

Start (of the project): Q4 2019


The goal of this project is to investigate the cutting-edge technology nodes and their performance for applications operating beyond 100GHz and 100Gbps

The most important EOS objective is to pave the way to knowledge needed for 6G applications. To do so we will:

  • Address and resolve main design issues (technology choice vs. targeted system performance) facing the mm wave IC design beyond 100 GHz
  • Pursue mm wave Massive MIMO RX array cell unit development as a foundation for the fully implemented Massive MIMO RX

The main challenges and topics of investigation are:

  • Exploring deep submicron technologies (28nm UTBB FD-SOI, 22nm FDX, TSMC 28nm bulk CMOS) but also older nodes (40nm, 65nm CMOS)
  • Identifying design rules that limit device performance (fmax, MAG vs. BEOL stack) and providing solutions to improve the device performance
  • Receiver design in a cutting-edge technology node operating beyond 100GHz for up to 100Gbps capacity supporting 6G emerging applications and use cases

Expected results

  • Cutting-edge technologies comparison with identified methods and procedures able to to lift technology-imposed limitations by smart use of the device layout
  • Technology characterization able to set a foundation for mmWave application targeting E and higher frequency bands
  • Designed unit array RX element for future Massive MIMO with digital beamforming exploration