Edge computing gateway

Parnter Call open until: December 2019

Start: Q1 2019


A central element for wireless sensor and actuator networks is the gateway, which forms the connection between different wireless and wired communication standards (such as Ethernet). This project is involved with gateway architectures and protocols that take the different bandwidths, latency and power requirements into account in particular. 5G‚ ‘machine to machine’ communication with 1 ms latency should be taken into account in the process, as well as new smart factory communication with defined latency times. In doing so, the gateway should also serve as a computing platform in order to be able to carry out traditional computing operations as well as new types of evaluation with artificial intelligence. The gateway will thus become the ‘edge computing gateway’.

Expected results

The planned result is an ‘edge computing gateway’ reference design that demonstrates wireless communication in conjunction with real-time-critical industrial and automotive applications.