Analog Generators for innovative analog/mixed-signal circuits design

Partner Call open until: end of September 19

Start (of the project): Q4 2019


Create powerful analog generators and thus paradigm shift in analog/mixed-signal circuits design to:

  • Automatize design workstyle in all steps of analog/mixed-signal design flow (schematic, layout and verification)
  • Generate a library of generators baseband blocks and systems that will be reused across different SoCs and CMOS technologies
  • Innovate analog/mixed-signal agile design by introducing Machine Learning (system level area optimization, design methodology for new applications, etc.)

The main challenges and topics of investigation are:

  • Getting state-of-the-art circuit Figures Of Merit
  • System level layout optimization by involving Machine Learning
  • First time right design of cutting-edge system level analog generators

Expected results

  • Quick redesign and optimization of the sub-blocks to achieve state-of-the-art system level performance
  • Fast on-demand execution of basic analog/mixed-circuit blocks by reuse of analog generators across different SoCs and CMOS technologies
  • Reduced failure rate in development process and shorter time-to-market as well as first time right delivery
  • Combination of this advanced design technique with Machine Learning and innovation of the ICs design flow