Algorithms for magnetic sensor systems (ALGMAG)

Partner Call open until: January 18, 2023

Start of the project: Q1 2023


The goal of this project is the development and implementation of magnet reconstruction algorithms for modern magnetic position and orientation sensor systems.

Specifically, this includes the following steps:

  • Development of an algorithm for spatial characterization of magnetization distribution in permanent magnets for magnetic position systems
  • Elimination or compensation of the influence of soft-magnetic environments in position sensing systems with multiple motion degrees of freedom
  • Elaboration of new concepts for dealing with special geometric applications that include large airgaps and long-stroke systems. A special focus is put on dealing with assembly and fabrication tolerances.

Expected Results

  • Python magnetization reconstruction tool with graphical user interface that acts as an extension to MagCam hardware and SAL monitoring devices
  • Concepts for dealing with confined soft magnetic environments
  • Novel MPO concepts for long stroke, large air gaps and stable assemblies

Member Area