Secure wireless sensor and actuator communication networks

This program pursues the vision of eliminating cables and enabling ad hoc, seamless and robust mesh communication by means of a holistic system approach. With embedded artificial intelligence (AI), both in devices as well as edge computer gateways, this will lead to “distributed AIs” communicating seamlessly and working together. Completely new uses are created in this wireless world – cyber-physical services (CPS) that can be addressed by the Austrian EBS industry using this program’s technology.

At its core, the program is concerned with heterogeneous connectivity, which is necessary for edge computing, with a particular focus on wireless communication networks (including 5G, LPWAN, etc.), autonomously-powered sensor nodes and edge computing gateways for machine type communication (also known as M2M).

The research topics comprise low-power protocols and energy-harvesting concepts for sensor nodes and massive IOT networks, time-critical wireless networks for company-critical communication, wireless network security and connectivity platforms for digital twins.

Edge computing gateway

A central element for wireless sensor and actuator networks is the gateway, which forms the connection between different wireless and wired (Ethernet for example) communication standards. This project is concerned with gateway architectures and gateway protocols.

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