SAL research programs

The SAL research programs relate to relevant major topics with forward-looking development potential and promote high-quality cooperative research with partners from science and industry; they have long-term perspectives (up to 10 years).

Program 1

Virtual prototyping and model based design with x-in-the-loop test environment

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Program 2

Electronic microsystems & nanosystems and beyond-CMOS process technologies

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Program 3

Heterogeneous ‘More-than-Moore’ integration & new types of build & connection concepts

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Program 4

Advanced signal processing and
integrated circuit design

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Program 5

Intelligent multi-sensor systems with machine learning and sensor fusion

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Program 6

Secure wireless sensor and actuator communication networks

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Program 7

Application-specific sensor concepts and
sensor systems

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Program 8

RF systems for IOT and mm wave sensing and communication

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Program 9

Power converter systems for
low to high power classes

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Program 10

Embedded software/hardware architectures for smart systems and distributed systems

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