The 6th generation of wireless communication - 6G for short - enables the transmission of large volumes of data in nearly real time, while at the same time providing high reliability. This key technology thus plays an essential role for wireless "machine-to-machine" communication in industry, which requires high speed data transmission with low latency. At the same time, the connections must be extremely resistant to interference in order to replace wired communication, even in safety-relevant areas. This is to be ensured with the current generation of wireless communication (5G) and even more so with 6G.

Currently, the necessary fundamental research for a market launch of 6G starting in 2030 is beginning to form internationally. At Silicon Austria Labs in Linz, research is being conducted on essential "enabling technologies" for 6G. A new feature of 6G will be the targeted use of artificial intelligence with AI chips and algorithms to reduce the complexity, costs and energy consumption of future applications.

    Research Focus

    • RF- & Analog IC Design
    • Embedded AI
    • Wireless time-sensitive networking
    • 5G Testbed


    DI Dr. Thomas Buchegger

    Head of Research Division
    Intelligent Wireless Systems

    Dr. Gernot Hueber

    Head of Research Unit
    Millimeter Wave Technologies

    DI Dr. Hans-Peter Bernhard

    Head of Research Unit
    Wireless Communications

    Dr. Pedro Julian

    Head of Research Unit
    Embedded AI

    Dr.-Ing. Jörg Hauptmann

    Staff Scientist
    Frontend Integrated Circuits & Systems


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