Micro System Analyzer

  • Manufacturer: Polytec
  • Model: MSA-500-TPM

General Description:

The Micro System Analyzer is the premier measurement tool for the analysis and visualization of structural in-plane and out-of-plane vibrations as well as surface topography in micro structures such as MEMS.


Key Specifications:

  • White light Interferometry (3D Topography)
    • Z-Resolution: nm range
    • Lateral Resolution: down to 500 nm (magnification dependent)
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometry (Out-Of-Plane Vibrometry)
    • Frequency: 0-20 MHz
    • Resolution: pm range (magnification dependent)
    • Max. velocity: ± 10 m/s
  • Stroboscopic Video Microscopy (In-Plane Vibrometry)
    • Frequency: 0-1 MHz
    • Resolution: nm range (magnification dependent)


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


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Dr. Ali Roshanghias
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