Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

(photonic curing tool for research and development)
  • Manufacturer: Novacentrix
  • Model: PulseForge 1200

General Description:

The PulseForge 1200 photonic curing tool processes high-temperature materials on low-temperature substrates, and is optimized for use in materials and applications development. The sample processing drawer of the PulseForge 1200 is protective of the hazards of extreme light impacting the eyes of users and also operates at slightly less than room pressure with sample off gassing being sent through HEPA filtration before going into the exhaust duct. Based on the same engineering found in the production-capable tools, the process conditions developed with the PulseForge 1200 will be sure to scale straight into pilot and volume production. When combined with NovaCentrix's SimPulse® thermal stack simulation package for predicting the time-temperature history of each layer in a thin film stack during photonic curing, the PulseForge 1200 comprises the ideal R&D platform for photonic curing development.


Key Specifications:

  • Curing area per pulse: 75 x 150 mm
  • Maximum area cured per sample: 300 x 150 mm
  • Processing time ˂ 1ms
  • Exposure level adjustable from 0.01 Joules/cm2 to 20 Joules/cm2


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


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Responsibles / Contact

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