Digital Dispenser

  • Manufacturer: Musashi
  • Model: ML-5000 xII

General Description:

Musashi ML-5000 provides excellent dispensing accuracy thanks to integration of diversified sophisticated features including air pulse stabilization circuit. Applicable for underfilling, solder paste dispensing, adhesives, etc.


Key Specifications:

  • Discharge pressure setting: Electro/ pneumatic method
  • Pneumatic control circuit: Air pulse stabilizing circuit (PAT.)
  • Dispense pressure setting: 5.0 - 700.0kPa
  • Discharge time setting: 0.010 - 9.999sec. (0.001sec. step)
  • Discharge time control circuit: C-MOS IC control digital circuit
  • Vacuum pressure setting: 0 - 20.0kPa

Joystick controlled specimen holder stage allows manipulation in x-y-z- and α to an accuracy of 0.01mm


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


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Responsibles / Contact

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