Die-bond Tester

  • Manufacturer: NORDSON-DAGE
  • Model: 4000 optima plus

General Description:

The main purpose of conducting a bond evaluation technique, i.e. shear bond test is to determine the integrity of the joint and to evaluate the procedures used to attach die or surface mounted elements to the corresponding package or other substrates. This determination is based on a measure of force applied to the die, the type of failure resulting from this application of force and the visual appearance of the residual die attach media and substrate.

Key Specifications:

  • Die-shear test up to 1960 N
  • Fatigue-shear test (up to 1 Hz)
  • Pull-test up to 490 N
  • High precision measurements owing to self-aligning shear tool


Use allowed for all researchers with permission


Europastraße 12
9524 Villach

Responsibles / Contact

Dr. Ali Roshanghias / Dr. Jochen Bardong
Tel.:+43 4242 56300 256