Wien/Graz/Linz/Villach, 14.12.2018 – Die Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL) ist mit heutigem Tag offiziell gegründet und wird im Netzwerk von Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft Spitzenforschung im Bereich elektronisch basierter Systeme bieten und damit Themen wie Mikrosysteme für die „smarte Fabrik“, „autonomes Fahren“ oder

Vienna/Graz/Linz/Villach, 12/14/2018 Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL) has been officially established as of today and will offer cutting-edge research as part of a science and industry network, focusing on electronic based systems. This will drive forward work on areas such as microsystems for smart factories, autonomous driving and intelligent power networks.

After the Framework Agreement was signed in August by the shareholders –  the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Provinces of Styria, Carinthia and Upper Austria and the Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI) this represents the next significant developmental step for the world-class Austrian research center for electronic based systems.

From Silicon Austria to Silicon Europe   

Federal Minister Norbert Hofer said: "With the Silicon Austria Labs Research Center, Austria has secured an outstanding starting position for the race toward the future of technology. Research on pacesetting technologies will be conducted here – “technologies which will set the standard worldwide for the digital transformation of the economy both in Europe and around the world.

A total of 280 million euros will be invested during the developmental phase, which will last until 2023. 70 million euros each will come from the infrastructure ministry and the provincial governments involved, with a further 140 million coming from industry. The center has locations in Graz, Villach and Linz and will employ a staff of more than 400 in the coming years.  

For Styrian State Minister for Research Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, SAL will be a byword for innovation and cooperation: "With the research center and its business headquarters in Graz, we are enhancing our technological strengths and promoting collaboration across provincial borders." The first rooms of the Inffeldgasse Campus at the TU Graz have already been occupied, and even more space will be made available for laboratories and about 160 research positions once the new construction on the campus, due in 2019, is complete.  

In Carinthia it's full steam ahead for research right now, as laboratories and a highly qualified team of researchers are already in place. "The Province of Carinthia is incorporating Carinthian Tech Research, which has earned an outstanding international reputation with its high-caliber research, into Silicon Austria Labs," underscored Gaby Schaunig, Technology Officer and Deputy Governor. "We are creating additional research positions and will bring the total of top jobs at the High Tech Campus in Villach to 160. Construction of an additional research building will begin in 2019."

"The Province of Upper Austria is contributing a total of 12.5 million euros to Silicon Austria Labs over the first five years. As the leading institution for research representing the Province of Upper Austria, Upper Austrian Research GmbH has acquired the company's shares. Around 80 highly qualified research positions will be established at the Upper Austrian location, situated in the Linz Science Park, which will assume a leadership role for high-frequency technology. Research is already a powerful driver for industry in Upper Austria, and the new center represents a significant opportunity to further strengthen Upper Austria's innovative force in this important economic sector and create new top jobs," said Markus Achleitner, State Minister for Commerce.

From the perspective of industry, Silicon Austria Labs represents a groundbreaking investment in advanced "Made in Austria" technology. "This development gives our businesses a valuable competitive advantage: top companies need top research, and this will happen right here at our location, going hand in hand with development and enabling successful innovation," emphasized Lothar Roitner, Managing Director of the Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI). "Access to research results is essential for our businesses so that they can make an impact in the competitive global environment through excellence and innovation."

Cutting Edge Research for Electronic Based Systems  

With the official founding, both the Silicon Austria Labs GmbH logo and the company's website ( have now been established. Werner Luschnig, who has executive industrial experience in research & development around the world, will take over as CEO of SAL during the initial phase. "Silicon Austria Labs GmbH is one of the most exciting research initiatives in Europe. Conducting research together with SAL provides a fantastic opportunity for large, medium and small-sized companies to implement projects ranging from basic to application-oriented research and get findings and innovations onto the market more quickly."

SAL sees itself as a research partner for science and industry to conduct research on electronic based systems across the entire value-added chain: from idea to design, from simulation to industry-ready prototype. The four research emphases of sensor systems, power electronics, high-frequency systems and system integration cover a wide range of pioneering research fields. 

Luschnig continued: "We are conducting research at all levels of the digital ecosystem: at the model, hardware and software levels, right through to complete system solutions. As the sensory organs of technology, the sensors capture, measure and analyze information. Power electronics ensure energy-efficient and power-conserving solutions, and our high-frequency research allows us to develop forward-looking communication and radar technologies. Comprehensive system integration then safeguards the realization of an overall system that is functional at all levels."

The research projects which are being pursued focus on key areas such as secure communications networks, machine learning, sensor fusion, highly compact and high-performance energy transmission systems, virtual prototyping and hybrid integration technologies. The first research laboratories for these areas are being set up and are available for research projects.

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH Facts & Figures




Cutting edge research into electronic based systems (EBS)


50.1 % Republic of Austria (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology)

10 % Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH

10 % Provincial Government of Carinthia

4.95 % Upper Austrian Research GmbH

24.95 % Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries (FEEI)


Graz (business headquarters) | Campus Inffeldgasse 25F, 8020 Graz 

Villach | High Tech Campus, Europastraße 12, 9524 Villach 

Linz | Science Park  1, Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz


Public-private partnership, 280 million euros by 2023

Fields of

Sensor Systems

RF (Radio Frequency) Systems

Power Electronics

System Integration


Cooperative research

Contract research

Research program projects

Basic scientific research

About Silicon Austria Labs (SAL)

The founding of Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL) establishes an Austrian center of excellence for electronic based systems with locations in Graz, Villach and Linz. The research focus is directed toward four key technologies  – sensor systems, power electronics, high-frequency technologies and system integration. SAL conducts research as part of a science and industry network and creates electronic based system solutions for implementation in forward-looking products and processes for energy, mobility, health, climate and safety. SAL is therefore helping to establish Austria and Europe as high-tech business locations and embodying the motto "UNFOLD THE FUTURE".