We are listening.

You know best where your industry is headedn an initial meeting, we will identify where to beginn - in order to support you where it really makes sense.

We give feedback.

The valuable experiences of our colleagues are worth their weight in gold. We will give you initial reference points and guide you through the respective technology area in advance - in order to avoid unnecessary detours or technological dead-ends later.

We show you something new.

Research is not an end in itself. We are enthusiastic about applying new scientific findings and technologies. SAL researchers have an overview of what is moving the scientific community today - and what might change your business model tomorrow. Let's talk about this!

We look for a solution together.

We want to offer added value through a cooperation with SAL. On the basis of your questions and challenges, we will jointly outline the necessary steps, taking your specific requirements into account. Different cooperation models aid us with this.

We work together to implement your ideas.

A project with SAL should be one thing above all: creative, inspiring and result-oriented. Research thrives on the continuous coordination between science and industry. That is why we actively involve our partners in our projects wherever possible - this multiplies the chances of success for both sides!

You have a project idea or challenge we can tackle together, or you want to know more about our unbureaucratic cooperation models? 

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