Forum invent is a condensed platform for discussing and sharing information about intellectual property and patents. Since 2014, experts have been providing an insight into their work in a series of talks on the subject.

Among the speakers at the event in Klagenfurt will be experts from the Austrian Patent Office, FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency, aws Austria Wirtschaftsservice, lawyers Burger & Partner Rechtsanwalt GmbH and BRS - Bright Red Systems GmbH. Sonja Herzog, General Legal Counsel at Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), will speak on "IPR concepts using the example of Silicon Austria Labs".

The event is organized by Verlag Holzhausen and supported by the partners BMVIT (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology), Forschung Austria, aws, FFG, ABP, the Austrian Patent Office, CTR Carinthian Tech Research and the Silicon Alps Cluster.