Lukas is attending the 4th grade of a high school in Villach, he enjoys playing ice hockey and floorball, and is now faced with the decision of which educational or career path he should take. The choices are multifarious and the decision is not easy. Therefore, he visited our SAL location in Villach, where Dominik Holzmann (Senior Research Engineer im Bereich Sensor Applications) showed him what everyday working life in research looks like. SAL Villach has more than 100 international employees, the research focus is on sensor systems and power electronics. However, our cross-location teams work on research along the entire value chain of electronic based systems.

First, Dominik and Lukas took a tour of the offices, labs and the workshop. "In the labs, we looked at the devices and setups and I explained to Lukas, what we do in our profession", says Dominik Holzmann. Afterwards, they had a look at the 300 m² cleanroom and watched the researchers doing their work. In addition to the tour, they also talked about the educational backgrounds of our researchers. Most of them have studied physics, chemistry or electronics. 

Then Lukas also had to do some hands-on work: "He had to assemble a small toothbrush robot (with a vibration motor, clock battery, toothbrush head, etc.) using a soldering iron, hot glue gun and a measuring device. He was very skilled and did a great job", Dominik Holzmann explains. Looks like nothing stands in the way of Lukas' career as a researcher.