Wireless Sensor Networks Lab

for industrial IoT & cyber-physical systems

We are esta­blis­hing a world-class re­search lab for secure wire­less sensor & actuator commu­ni­ca­tion networks with focus on factory commu­ni­ca­tions and enab­ling cyber-physical systems appli­ca­tions.

In close coope­ra­tion with univer­si­ties and leading industry part­ners, the re­search activi­ties will cover e.g. depen­dable and flexible edge compu­ting gate­ways bridging between wire­less and wired commu­ni­ca­tion under the strin­gent real-time cons­traints of Indus­trial IOT.

The re­search results shall support stan­dar­di­za­tion and deve­lop­ment of indus­trial wire­less sensor and actuator networks, and shall open new perspec­tive on appli­ca­tions in control engi­nee­ring.

The Wire­less Sensor Networks Lab is looking for re­search enthu­si­asts in the areas of

  • Edge compu­ting and wire­less sensor & actuator networking
  • Wire­less commu­ni­ca­tions & proto­cols (L1-3)
  • Cyber-physical systems and factory commu­ni­ca­tion
  • Secu­rity & safety system engi­nee­ring
  • Embedded real-time SW design
  • Micro-controller and VHDL programming

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