Analog to Digital Converter Design
RF Systems
Science Park 1, Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz

Silicon Austria Labs is performing cutting-edge research in its world-class mmWave RF Lab on the physical layer of RF systems for future 5G/6G (UE, front and back-haul), and millimeter-wave imaging/sensing/radar applications. In this domain the mmWave RF Lab collaborates closely with the Johannes Kepler University Linz and leading industry partners on e.g. RF/millimeter-wave transceiver architectures robust in terms of interference und coexistence, reconfigurable RF systems for transceivers and RF/millimeter-wave front-end modules (architectural reuse and/or resource sharing), and large-scale phased-array antennas and beamforming structures, which are targeting millimeter-wave and sub-Terahertz communications (5G, 6G), radars and imagers. In support of the design activities the mmWave RF Lab is equipped with the best in-class test infrastructure covering the GHz and low THz frequency range.

Your future responsibilities

  • Transistor-level feasibility study & prototype various analog circuit blocks for high-performance wide-band ADCs communication ICs
  • Run top level simulation to verify analog IC’s top level integration
  • Review & provide feedback to layout designer to optimize the layout design
  • Characterize & validate ICs in lab & debug if required
  • Define the IC specification

Your profile

  • Strong skills in designing various analog blocks, including bandgap reference, voltage and current bias, op-amp, regulator, oscillator and switched-cap circuits
  • Thorough understanding of transistor operation and device physics
  • In-depth knowledge of low noise and low power design techniques
  • Knowledge of ADC architectures
  • Experience of designing Successive Approximation (SAR) and/or Delta Sigma ADCs
  • Experience of layout floor-planning and ESD protection
  • Hands-on experience of using oscilloscope, function generator, signal analyzer, etc. in lab
  • 5+ years analog IC design and validation experience in industry
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Master’s degree plus 5yrs experience or PhD is required

Important facts

  • Beginning of the employment: as soon as possible
  • This position is endowed with a gross annual salary of € 42,742 based on the collective agreement for research („Forschungs-Kollektivvertrag“) and depending on your experience and skills.