Power Lab

for high density power converter

We are esta­blis­hing a world-class Power Lab for re­search on highly opti­mized, high density power conver­ters.

In close coope­ra­tion with univer­si­ties and leading industry part­ners, we want to target diffe­rent classes and types of power conver­ters, addres­sing all aspects like basic archi­tec­ture, use of newest active and passive compo­n­ents, include upco­ming hete­ro­ge­neous inte­gra­tion tech­no­lo­gies and intel­li­gent, powerful control algo­rithms.

A second pillar in the re­search work will be a strong impro­ve­ment in the model based design metho­do­logy for power conver­ters. This means a design envi­ron­ment that allows a model based, multi physics opti­miza­tion of a converter design accor­ding to its requi­re­ments as well as model­ling and simu­la­tion on diffe­rent abstrac­tion layers to support system level designs.

The Power Lab is looking for re­search enthu­si­asts in the areas of

  • Power converter archi­tec­ture and system engi­nee­ring
  • Power elec­tro­nics compo­nent and circuit design
  • Control loop algo­rithms and design in HW and SW
  • Multi physical model­ling and simu­la­tion of all physical depen­den­cies and effects
  • Beha­vioral model­ling of complete systems inclu­ding envi­ron­ment
  • Build up and veri­fi­ca­tion of demons­tra­tors and proto­types

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