mmWave RF Lab

for sensing & communications

We are esta­blis­hing a world-class mmWave RF Lab focused on the physical layer of RF systems for future 5G/​6G commu­ni­ca­tions (UE, front and back-haul), and milli­meter-wave imaging/​sensing/​radar appli­ca­tions.

Zeigt Wellen im Radar-Bereich

In this domain the mmWave RF Lab colla­bo­rates closely with univer­si­ties and leading industry part­ners on e.g., RF/​milli­meter-wave trans­ceiver archi­tec­tures robust in terms of inter­fe­rence und coexis­tence, recon­fi­gurable RF systems for trans­cei­vers and RF/​milli­meter-wave front-end modules (archi­tec­tural reuse and/​or resource sharing), and large-scale phased-array antennas and beam­former struc­tures.

In support of the design activi­ties, the mmWave RF Lab is equipped with a best in-class test infra­struc­ture covering the GHz and low THz frequency range.

The mmWave RF Lab is looking for re­search enthu­si­asts in the areas of

  • RF commu­ni­ca­tions & radar physical layer system engi­nee­ring
  • Signal process­ing for beam­for­ming, MIMO, and cancel­la­tion tech­ni­ques
  • RF and mixed-signal circuit design
  • Radar & RF frontend HW design
  • RF test & measu­re­ment

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