(Dependable Embedded Systems Lab)

 Machine Learning for formal methods and formal methods for Machine Learning

Ubiquitous connectivity and things getting smart have led to a proliferation of cyber-physical systems providing increasingly essential as well as critical services in our everyday lives. Hence, SAL is establishing a world-class research lab for Dependable Embedded Systems, pursuing three main research objectives.

The first objective of the lab is to combine AI and verification methods to push validation and testing of critical embedded software to new levels. The second objective is to research fundamentally new verification and validation methodologies for learning systems, that change behavior over lifetime, and finally, the third objective is to develop novel, rigorous modelling, verification and maintenance methods for highest assurance despite ever increasing SW complexity.

The Dependable Embedded Systems Lab is looking for research enthusiasts in the areas of:

  • Formal methods for modelling, verification and testing
  • Software Technology and Information Security
  • Security for embedded HW & SW in IOT
  • Embedded SW architecture, embedded AI systems, GPU and micro-controller programming
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
  • Statistical Signal Processing and Data Science

We hire...

Junior Researchers / PhDs

You hold a Master’s degree and are eager to acquire experience in applying professional practices and practical techniques to resolve scientific issues. You will typically work on a subset of a larger research activity under continuous supervision by senior researchers and a university professor leading to publications and scientific results you present at workshops and conferences.

Scientists / Researchers

You hold a PhD degree or have comparable experience and are fond of developing scientific methods and procedures as well as their application. Daily work includes collaboration with university and industrial research and/or development staff as well as being a sparring partner for and supervising of Junior Researchers. You are used to writing and reviewing (peer) research papers, reports, reviews and summaries. Openness to develop project ideas, concepts and coordinate small and medium-sized projects including preparation of research proposals and funding applications/bids is highly welcome.

Senior / Key Scientists

You are a renowned specialist with advanced disciplinary expertise and broad understanding of related areas, bringing a wealth of experience and personal network to the table. You feel comfortable in adapting to different dialog groups up to executive level in- and outside SAL. You are ready to take thought and/or disciplinary leadership responsibility and (contribute to) shape our organization and the future. Ideally you have a number of high impact publications and/or patents, are involved in natl. and intl. boards (e.g. ECSEL) committees (conference TPC, conference steering committee), and/or standardization bodies.


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