Si-based Tran­sistor & Analog-Mixed-Signal Circuit Scaling

Sorin Voinigescu
TU Graz
Infeldgasse 12EG
8010 Graz

On Dec. 11th Prof. Sorin Voini­gescu, Depart­ment of Electrical and Computer Engi­nee­ring Univer­sity of Toronto, will give a talk at Campus Inffeld­gasse in Graz. This event is jointly orga­nized by the IEEE Austria CAS/​SSC Joint Chapter, TU Graz and SAL Silicon Austria Labs.

This presen­ta­tion will compare the high frequency perfor­mance scaling of SiGe HBTs andMOS­FETs to 2-3nm gate length and beyond 2THz tran­sistor fMAX based on tech­no­logy CAD(TCAD) and atomistic simu­la­tions. Charac­te­riza­tion tech­ni­ques and S-para­meter measu­re­ments ofstate-of-the-art silicon MOSFETs, SiGe HBTs, and of a variety of HBT-HBT and for MOS-HBTcas­codes from DC to 325 GHz will be discussed along with simu­la­tions of the scaling of analog andmixed-signal mm-wave bench­mark circuit perfor­mance from the current to future tech­no­logy nodes.

Finally, we will take a look at the room-tempe­ra­ture opera­tion requi­re­ments for coupled double­quantum-dot Si qubits which rely on reso­nant tunnel­ling multiple-gate MOSFET struc­tures with sub-5nm dimen­sions in all direc­tions.